Amazon Faces the Ma Bell Solution

FQTN Feature – Tuesday, May 12th, 2020
When your particular market vehicle of power starts to cut into the real power of fellow Citadelians, you can bet that the friendliness of whatever state you were ostensibly beholden to might suddenly offer more challenges than it once did. This, my friends, I submit to you, might very well be the primary reason why, even before Coronavilles, Amazon was facing more whispers, real whispers, from inside government ‘sources’ claiming the scrutiny on their monopolistic advantage is increasing.
Coronavilles has hit Amazon and now the whispers have only become louder. Amazon’s ability to maximize its advantage over the poors, the small businesses, is not the real concern from the whispers behind those tombstone doors. it’s their ability to pivot themselves in ways that not only cut off small business owner opportunities, but is cutting even deeper into the Walmarts of the universe. Regardless the why, one cannot but root for Amazons to be de-centered, maybe busted up into 6 regional Amazons, even if one knows such regulations will do little to actually reduce the concentration of advantage held by the Citadelian few, with crumb advantage sprinkled to their vassals, and sweet aromas of something being the bulk of the sustenance the rest of we poors are granted, on a good day (metaphorically, of course, I eat well, I do).
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Amazon could face renewed antitrust scrutiny due to COVID-19 sales, analyst says Inc. could become the focus of antitrust questions over the site’s business practices, GlobalData says, as a flood of customers head online for goods amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Laura Petrone, a senior analyst at GlobalData, highlights allegations that Amazon AMZN, +1.23% is promoting its own products over the ones from third-party sellers, which could put the company at risk of undercutting small businesses.
“COVID-19 has highlighted Amazon’s crucial role in delivering critical supplies, but it has also brought attention to the e-commerce giant’s competitive conduct,” GlobalData wrote. “The pandemic has revealed the flaws of a business model that forces third-party resellers to rely on Amazon’s platform, with no real alternatives available.”
As recently as January, analysts were raising concerns that Amazon could be at the center of antitrust allegations heading into the November presidential election. President Trump has been openly antagonistic towards Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos.
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Amazon Faces the Ma Bell Solution

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