Will Congress Use Blockchain to Vote

Tuesday, May 5th, 2020 – Top Headline
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Excerpt from cointelegraph.com
US Congress Considers Blockchain-Based Voting Amid COVID-19
A staff memo has revealed that the U.S. Congress is considering blockchain technology as a means for the Senate to conduct remote voting amid the coronavirus pandemic.
The report states that blockchain may be deployed alongside end-to-end encrypted, or E2EE, applications to facilitate voting.
The memo was composed after the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations’ Roundtable on Continuity of Senate Operations and Remote Voting in Times of Crisis event.
The discussion came as the Senate prepares to reconvene this week.
The document states that Congress’ two chambers have always “met in-person to conduct business, including committee hearings, floor deliberation, and voting,” emphasizing that “neither chamber has contingency plans to allow those functions to proceed remotely.”
The Senate staff memo asserts that through an encrypted distributed ledger, “blockchain can both transmit a vote securely and also verify the correct vote — noting that said characteristics have been used to argue for the efficacy of blockchain-based voting systems.
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