Total War – The Machines versus the South China Sea

Written Thursday, April 1st, 2020
Recorded May 2nd, 2020
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Force is the full war.
From the start of the stone, the affair is married to edges continued through blood,
The after effect
A garbled half-carp-thing flounders on the mud.
That’s not a fish though.
Not a fish.
The after effect.
Koi eat the sun.
Along the islands, nervous bulldozers tremble under spies.
Sand pitch. Push.
Force is the full war.
The battle is the justification of the load, the load, always the load,
(I say it again, and again, this mothering, mothering load),
The load that is built by the same architects that designed this mothering mothering war,
War of the race for control of your machines, computational outrages in the folds of a quantum burp.
But then the missiles, hypered into death.
Shit on by the load, the load, the mothering mothering load.
Do you get this song?
do you get me…..
Along the islands, bulldozers sink under the sun, while seagulls peck at the salt, if they do such things,
I don’t know….
Are there seagulls in the South China sea?
I see.
I went away from the threat and made it a soft load, but it’s not.
The spot is perched over the dinner table.
We are hunkered down, but our threat is still only from within.

Total War – The Machines versus the South China Sea

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